Transactional Advisory

Transactional Advisory


DDS provides a holistic approach to optimizing transaction outcomes from start to finish.  Our Transaction Advisory Services professionals strategically advise buyers, sellers, and lenders through every stage of the transaction life cycle delivering a value proposition centered around maximizing return.  We employ a partner-led, hands-on approach that focuses on meeting challenging timeframes by focusing on key issues and proactively identifying opportunities that create value.

Buy-Side Support

DDS supports the buyers process by identifying and understanding the key value drivers, risks, and opportunities. We go beyond accounting by identifying key operating risks and opportunities.  We deliver:

  • Clear reporting that supports the quality of earnings and focuses on industry specific analysis and risks
  • Thorough analysis of operations focusing on free cash flow and nonrecurring and unusual items

Sell-Side Support

DDS works with clients prior to the sale process and seeks to maximize value by identifying the key value drivers for potential buyers.  We also work with management and key advisors to identify financial and tax risks before the transaction commences.  During the diligence process DDS works to maximize price while minimizing interruptions to our clients, allowing management freedom to run the business and focus on key deal issues.

Tax Due Diligence

The restructuring, acquisition or disposition of a business can create significant tax exposure as well as create planning opportunities.  DDS’s partner-led tax practice has extensive experience across most  industries.

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