Multinational organizations and individuals now face increasing demands from different jurisdictions as governments and tax authorities continue to pursue new revenues on international activities. We understand these challenges and have built a team of tax professionals with the experience to create cross-border tax solutions.

Among the many tax issues facing international trade, establishing transfer price policies ranks among the most important as it influences manufacturing, distribution, and the lending of capital. For the uninformed, this is an area that can result in devastating unintended taxes and penalties. We have significant experience dealing with these issues and have assisted numerous clients with the development of intercompany pricing strategies that minimize worldwide taxes and meet the technical tax requirements of each jurisdiction.

In addition to transfer price services we also offer experience in assisting international taxpayers in becoming compliant with U.S. filing requirements including the application for acceptance into the IRS Offshore Amnesty Program. Furthermore, we have an excellent record of representing our clients before the Internal Revenue Service International Division.