My Internship Experience at DDS

At Dansa D’Arata Soucia LLP (“DDS”), my internship experience has benefited both my professional accounting career and personal growth. Working alongside outstanding professionals, I have been able to learn new skills as well as continue to apply what I have learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios  

Everyone at DDS has been encouraging and eager to help my development. There has never been a time where I did not feel comfortable asking a question. The culture within the office is remarkable and it truly feels like a second family as everyone is close-knit, pleasant, and easy to talk to. I am currently interning in the Audit & Assurance Department. Right from the beginning, I was entrusted with client assignments. I’ve received continuous training as I work through my tasks. I hear feedback after every review from the senior or the manager on the engagement team. For me, this is a very effective training style rather than reviewing work from prior years because I got to learn as I went through the actual process and timeline of an audit. Being able to do hands-on work and learn the firm’s programs has enhanced my accounting knowledge on information systems and also my ability to see, learn, and understand the audit programs and testing procedures.

Within the firm there are many opportunities to gain experience and find your niche as you grow. Not only am I responsible for audit work, but I’ve also been given certain tasks within the firm’s Information Security Compliance department to broaden my experience and learn multiple career pathways within professional accounting. SOC reporting is a special niche here at DDS and to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of cybersecurity has been remarkably interesting. In today’s world, information security is becoming increasingly important, and to see it applied from the classroom to real-world scenarios has been exceptionally beneficial.  

DDS has been very flexible, patient, and understanding as far as planning hours. The firm has expressed that I can work when I want/can during the week around my school schedule, and if I ever need to take a week or two off for exam week, I am able to. This was greatly appreciated and proves that the firm prioritizes education. It’s evident that DDS wishes to see its interns flourish in both school and the workplace.

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