Operations & Internal Control Audits

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Dansa D’Arata Soucia’s strategic planning and operational review process starts with a general business review, consisting of a comprehensive analysis of your business and its environment. Our objective review provides a clear picture of the marketplace and your current role in it.

The review will generally take place at your offices through interviews with key personnel, analysis of financial data and observations and will cover the following items:

  • Your organization’s history
  • Your current objectives
  • Staffing and reporting
  • Operations and quality control
  • Internal controls and major transaction cycles
  • Sales and overall financial history
  • Customer review
  • Competitive review

Once we accumulate all of the pertinent data, our professionals will help develop a mission and define short-term and long-range objectives. We then will work with management to design strategies that describe how to accomplish the stated objectives and a timetable for doing so. Measurement and reporting systems will also be created that assign responsibility and accountability.

At the conclusion of our study, we will provide management with a detailed written report summarizing our findings and conclusions, and we will follow-up to ensure that the plan is being implemented in accordance with the original blueprint. The benefits of such a study include: increased efficiency and morale; expedition of billing, payment and job delivery; improved customer satisfaction; the highlighting of operational areas that need improvement; upgrading computer systems; implementation of benchmarking data; formalization of employee review and evaluation processes and many others. Dansa D’Arata Soucia also performs customized variations of the operational review which are individually designed to address your specific needs.

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